Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another preview

Yeah, another preview. I've been working on the Shadow Comic some more and I'm very proud of myself for the way I did the background this time. There's more life back there now... I only fear when I have to draw it again and again. Well, I suppose it won't be that bad. The hardest part is figuring out what you're gonna put back there. After that, it's just a matter of being consistent.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shadow Comic 4 preview

Hey guys, here's a preview of the next shadow comic. I'm starting to have fun with backgrounds.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Latest news so far

Well it would seem that The Street Fighter Blog has evolved into for any of you who would like to check it out. There's plenty of change undergoing right now and I'm still going strong on the comic side of the deal. The comic section should be updated tomorrow or later with regular weekly updates after that. I've already got several pages done and ready to be posted but for now they'll be sitting in a nice little stack, qued up for the weeks to come. Even so, I've got to stay diligent in making a new page a week. It'll be hard for me but at least allot of the load is taken off by some help. If I could only find someone who could letter and add in sound effects effectively, I'd only have to worry about doing the lines and that's it. Oh that would be lovely.

On the aspect of my side project, the Shadow Comic, I've laid down the groundwork for the next strip. I'm becoming more and more able with backgrounds and I've come up with a few well looking items to give it a little life. Shadow's room will have to be reformed later on with added personality but that's later anyway. This whole series is just going to be funny and fun and a means for me to flesh out most, if not all, the little details. I might have to do the same for my other characters since they don't really live in the same place as Shadow and Shade, so their settings and backgrounds will have such a different look to them. Bah, focus! Lets just take this one step at a time, shall we?

I'm practicing another means of coloring as well. This time using gray scaling and finding ways to multiply the color on top of a layer several times. If this works, I would have a color style closer to my goal color style. But alas, the work is far too much to manage so it would only be used sparingly at best.

Not too much else to say, and sorry for the lack of pictures to present. If my home computer were Internet abeled I'd have more to share more often. Make note that this is a goal of mine to get Internet in there asap. I might try getting a new WIFI thing and see if that helps...

Friday, September 25, 2009

So what am I up to now?

Now that I've finished that Shade drawing I was working on so fervently, I'm heading off to do something else next. First I'd like to show off an updated image of the Joker I'm working on. Folks might recognize the gun if they've read The Killing Joke.

I'm still tinkering with it and might add more types of explosives in his coat. I'll fix the hand as well. Speaking of fixed, I've also redone his smile all the way. Picked up the teeth a bit higher, re-did the edges of his mouth, fixed up all that and now it's all proper.

Next I have a preview privy to people who peruse my posted personal points-of-view. The next Shadow comic lines.

I'll have to update the older comic to reflect Shades current hair. She doesn't get those spikes until she works up her hair anyway so I decided to do a better job showing that. I'm also working with heavier inks this time around as well, so let me know what you guys think.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keeping the WIPS rolling

Hello again everyone. Decided it's time for a new post over on the ol' bloggers.

I'm still working on the Shade drawing and this is how much it's progressed. Not much, I know, and I should've been done with it a long time ago but backgrounds are just messing with me! I'd say I'm still only about 75% done with this one. I WILL finish this, I swear it.

Now this is sort of my version of the joker. After playing the amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum,I wanted to draw the joker the way I figured he would be. I was also watching The Dark Knight at the same time I was drawing this as well so Jokers all around. The way I heard the story, his mouth was cut into a smile. So I wanted to keep that idea but also have the cut itself not healed at the ends. So it gives him a much wider smile than normal. I might still change this up, maybe shortening his face a little and such, but this is going the way I wanted it to. Probably not the exact image I have of him but I'm working there.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Screen Shot WIP

I'm working on it, I'm working on it, albeit slowly but I'm working on it. And just to show that, I decided to take a screenshot of what I'm messing around with. What I didn't realize is that doing so actually captures both screens so now you get to see what goes on in the second screen. Just some music and visualizations right now. I'm thinking of making both screens show the same thing so I can make sure the colors I'm using jive with different screens.

I gotta ask though, how do the tones on Shade look? Too dark, dark enough, too light? I'm just not sure myself. Looks fine to me so far. Decided to go with a night time look with a green atmosphere since I figured that's the time these creatures are most active. Might add even more to this drawing and make it more active.
Main thing you'll notice is the 25 Essential Expressions of Shade. I did one already of Shadow and now I'm doing one for her sister. I'll be putting in even more details this go round as well, even including 5 different sets of outfits. Although I'm not sure about what the last 3 will be. Maybe I'll draw her in her armor? Well that's three down, two to go. I'll figure it out.

Oooh, the second screen. I've been listening to Gorillaz again. Got a new CD called D sides. Two CD set that has, in my personal opinion, some really great music. The second CD is remix tracks from their D---Days CD but it's mostly just remixes of two songs, Kids with Guns and Dare. I swear, there are at least 3 different versions of each. The first song and last song on the CD I don't care for at all but everything else jives with me rather well.

Welp, that's it for this blog post. Figured I was due for another one and next time I have more works in progress I'll post again. Perhaps something... titillating. We'll see.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hello childerens

Another post for another wip.

Colors are not indicative of final choices. Just place holders for the time being. I know I need to fade colors into the background and the lines will follow suit. Perhaps I'll just forgo the lines all together and paint the background without them. That might be the way to go honestly. But if I do that, then the lines on Shade probably would have to go as well. We'll see how things go. I might have to rethink my whole strategy on coloring.

I saw this really neat drawing that gave me an idea on how to do backgrounds the way I want to do them. Start off with a darker color sillouet of what you want, then build up on that with layers of details. It's hard to describe but it makes me want to practice.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Nothing big

No new art to showcase or anything, but saw a new app that links to Devart that I had to add on here. Seems relatively new. Check it out, I have it set up to show 5 of the latest devs I have. I was trying to think of a way to showcase more art on my blog and voila, there you have it. I should post a wip I'm working on later today. Maybe get some helpful tips out there from anyone in the know. I'm trying to do a foggy background but my background skills are reeeeeeeally lacking. Anyway, I'll show that later and catch y'all on the flip side.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Continuing the previews.

So enough with the secritive stuff, I might as well show you the layout of what I'm working on. I've got the flats on 3 of the 5 girls, TaoKaka being the one with the least amount of layers.

Now do tell me what you think so far. Anything I can fix isn't too far out of the question. I'm thinking of fixing up Miss Lichie a little more, the girl on the far left of us. Somthing about her hair/head is bothersome. All the girls are on their own layer so I'll probably color them all, submit that and have a blog exclusive showing off each girl individually. Well, exclusive for awhile, like maybe a week or so before I post it on devart as scraps.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Lineart Preview of BlazBlue

Okay, here's the last preview of the lines. I may show a WIP of the colors once I get all the flats down. Then you can see the whole composition of my drawing. Not like I really have a reason to hide it or anything. But these are just fun preview images anyway. Just ment to tease and tantalize.

Note about this drawing, I've already fixed up the hair as well as the ribbon. Not that there's anything wrong with the ribben persay, just fixed it up is all. The problem with the hair was that the split down the middle wasn't down the middle according to her eyes.

I must say, Little Miss Alucard has been one of the funner characters to draw. Maybe because I'm not needing to redo the lines a ton of times like I've done with the others. Anyway, enjoy and comment as you wish.

Oh and I just figured out how to make all my images clickable. haha, oh you blogger you. You and your silly little ways.

Friday, July 10, 2009

More teasing

Alright, so I got the lines for Noel Vermillion done and now it's onto the next girl on the list. Here's a preview for the lines on V-13, the sexy cybernetic android of the BlazBlue world.

Please do let me know what you think so far. I do enjoy C&C, even on the nasty sketch underneith. Most of the design is going to be changed but thats just a placeholder for the final lines anyway.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BlazBlue Teaser

Hey guys! Another update from me showing off a teaser image of a BlazBlue inspired fanart. I've gotten all the layout ready and now I'm putting down the final lines. There will be all 5 of the girls in this image thats for the SRK artbook thing going on. Just for fun, sure, but you know what? I want to do something amazing and show off my skill with my new Cintiq. Tell me what you guys think so far. More teasers will pop up as I go on with the drawing so this is the first.
Just in case you want the stats, right now this image is just about 4x5 or something at 200 DPI. The real drawing is 400 DPI at a full 8.5 x 11 and I'm using a size 4 brush for the lines. Because of the size, I might have to go back and thicken up some of the lines. But I'll figure that out when I get to it.
And yes, I get a boner for detail. Thats why I spent 2 or more hours on just this..... dude... I seriously need to get faster at drawing. At least it looks good, right? ..... :( Right? The poses and sketch drawing took only two days and a couple hours a piece... but thats because I drew is slight detail each character's clothes. Faces are easy, but getting all that detail right in their clothes isn't.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Blog updated

Just a heads up that I updated a few minor touches to my blog. Look! At the bottom! Fish! The little guys are hungery. Could you do me a favor and feed 'em for me please?

Shadow Comic post / insights

Hey guys! I've been meaning to post this up since yesterday but for some reason, the Internet connection in my room doesn't work. So I'm delegated to using my parents computer.

What we have here is a preview of the next strip of my Shadow comic.... which is technically done but I wanted to tease this anyway.

Remember boys 'n girls. When working on anything, do flat colors first and then finish the background second! After which, you go and hue the flats on the characters to match the tone of the background. Finishing the characters first with all their shadows and highlights does you no favors when their colors don't match the background at all. Altho I know this fact since before I started the next comic, I still failed to implement it, so my bad. I will be doing that in the future though. The reason I skipped that step and did the background last was because I'm lazy and never really done backgrounds with any proficiency at all. That will all change, hopefully, the more I do these comics. Oh heck, that was the tease, let me show you the whole thing since it's already done and I have it. Think of it as privy to those of you whom bother to watch this blog. Special you guys, huh? Huh!? Yeah, don't that feel special? I'll post the comic tomorrow on devart, provided I don't keep going back and change it some more.
Now lets compare notes, shall we? This is certainly a different style than what I had before. I, personally, am really digging it. But there are a few things I'd like to bring over from the older style of the comic as well, namely the deeper use of blacks and shades and darker eyes as well.

You see? I really liked the way this first comic came out but this one was done in Open Canvas. The second one was done in Photoshop, after I discovered the cool effects I can add to my brushes. It mimics almost what I can do in OC but good enough that I want to use it with more proficiency. And hopefully expand my color pallet as well. I'd like to try different ranges of colors in the shading of my drawings outside of the flat "darker tone of the same color".

Alright, I babbled on enough about that. Now about what the strip is about. Shade is Shadow's older sister and who is, quite honestly, a bitch. She actually deeply loves Shadow as her sister but can be very very cruel to her. It's a love/hate thing. Over the course of these comics she'll call her sister all sorts of nicknames, and "sissy" is the first of many.

Hope you enjoy guys and don't be shy about comments! If you like, share this blog with more folk. The more who watch it, the more I'll do in here. I'll be sharing lots of stuff and junk in here, more so if I get my connection back in my room.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cintiq practice

Hey guys! Nowdays, I'll be posting up any wip's of personal projects I have going on in here. Just to get some feedback and see what you guys think. And maybe anything else I feel like scrapping over here.

This is something I'm doing right now with Shadow and Shade. Ahhh, the drunken sisterly love is such a beautiful thing. However, Shadow doesn't drink so she's not really all that happy about it. What do you guys think of clothing options? Yes or no? hahaha

And here are just some elemental sketchs I was doing. Disregard the lightning because of lameness and instead focus on the Hadouken and flame.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Shadow

Needed to draw shadow. Here's a preview only seen here. When I load her on devart, it'll be all nice 'n colored.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A new post???

Hey, I'm getting more followers on here. Haha.

Again, this is a place where I'm gonna post pictures that I don't normaly post anywhere else so with that in mind, I'll post a colored version of my nude Shadow girl. As soon as I get into my new room, I'll do alot more stuff for people to see in here. Mostly scraps and WIPS.
Mmmm, mmm nipples. hahaha, enjoy.