Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keeping the WIPS rolling

Hello again everyone. Decided it's time for a new post over on the ol' bloggers.

I'm still working on the Shade drawing and this is how much it's progressed. Not much, I know, and I should've been done with it a long time ago but backgrounds are just messing with me! I'd say I'm still only about 75% done with this one. I WILL finish this, I swear it.

Now this is sort of my version of the joker. After playing the amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum,I wanted to draw the joker the way I figured he would be. I was also watching The Dark Knight at the same time I was drawing this as well so Jokers all around. The way I heard the story, his mouth was cut into a smile. So I wanted to keep that idea but also have the cut itself not healed at the ends. So it gives him a much wider smile than normal. I might still change this up, maybe shortening his face a little and such, but this is going the way I wanted it to. Probably not the exact image I have of him but I'm working there.


Sinistar1 said...

lol your joker looks so manic, like someone pull his face to smile, very cool!

The shape wip looks great so far, I didn't notice shadow in the background before!

Tip - If you got the stars on a separate layer you can duplicate, give them a Gaussian Blur, then pull the transparency down a bit to give it a lil' glow. You can also set the layer to overlay to so it mixes with the bg better. You can do this with most light sources but it looks cheap if you over do it. :)

Red White said...

@ Sinistar1

Thanks dude! I need to redo his face a touch more but this is getting really close to the way I picture him.

The Shade WIP has a few nice little touches here and there that I'm working on. I'm not 100% sure about the sky anymore because of a detail I remembered about their world. We'll see what happens. But that tip is excellent! I was proud of myself for figuring out how to make nice little stars quickly but the twinkling idea is great! I might do that anyway, even if you can't see it after I'm done, lol. But I like that idea and I must use it sometime later. ;) Just brilliant!

TH3DEN said...

:D great post man! Loving the joker, i like when people draw him so you can't really figure out what he's thinking. If i may suggest one thing, maybe just a bit more of a lighter blue skin tone for the character in the painting, just so he pops a bit more from the background. That being said i totally know how you feel about background as they are also not my forte. :D are we gonna see the joke in colour as well?

Red White said...


Thanks man! I'm enjoying how the Joker is turning out. Properly lanky and grotesque. Just the way I like 'im. And I'm probably going to color him too. The way the lines are looking, I really should do that. I might need to lift his mouth just a bit more. or just his teeth. I should start doing skull drawings and work my way up from there, seriously. Accurate anatomy is a paaaaaaaaaaaain. But hopefully worth it.

The Shade drawing has progressed a lot and usually I use the darker tone and work my way to a lighter tone with the shading (depending(contradiction? Probably yes.)) so she'll end up looking alright in the end I hope. I can't account for other peoples monitors and I'm doing my best between the screens I've got. But with fingers crossed, it'll all be good. Thanks for the suggestion though dude. Lighting and tones still give me a mess of trouble so do keep it up in case I overshoot what I'm aiming for, lol.