Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Screen Shot WIP

I'm working on it, I'm working on it, albeit slowly but I'm working on it. And just to show that, I decided to take a screenshot of what I'm messing around with. What I didn't realize is that doing so actually captures both screens so now you get to see what goes on in the second screen. Just some music and visualizations right now. I'm thinking of making both screens show the same thing so I can make sure the colors I'm using jive with different screens.

I gotta ask though, how do the tones on Shade look? Too dark, dark enough, too light? I'm just not sure myself. Looks fine to me so far. Decided to go with a night time look with a green atmosphere since I figured that's the time these creatures are most active. Might add even more to this drawing and make it more active.
Main thing you'll notice is the 25 Essential Expressions of Shade. I did one already of Shadow and now I'm doing one for her sister. I'll be putting in even more details this go round as well, even including 5 different sets of outfits. Although I'm not sure about what the last 3 will be. Maybe I'll draw her in her armor? Well that's three down, two to go. I'll figure it out.

Oooh, the second screen. I've been listening to Gorillaz again. Got a new CD called D sides. Two CD set that has, in my personal opinion, some really great music. The second CD is remix tracks from their D---Days CD but it's mostly just remixes of two songs, Kids with Guns and Dare. I swear, there are at least 3 different versions of each. The first song and last song on the CD I don't care for at all but everything else jives with me rather well.

Welp, that's it for this blog post. Figured I was due for another one and next time I have more works in progress I'll post again. Perhaps something... titillating. We'll see.


Sinistar1 said...

Dude it's fine. It's night time right? So just make sure those highlights from the light sources are strong.

The challenge is coming along nicely too. Your being very creative with those boxes!

Red White said...

@ Sinistar1
Oops, I guess what I was trying to ask was if the tones looked right on other peoples monitors. Could be too dark on some screens. But I'll keep that in mind while I'm going through with the drawing. I'll be sure to keep alot of those highlights going and hopeing to have effective use of double lighting.

Thanks dude. By far the best version I saw of this challange was from Kamicheeta because her character was interacting with all the other characters on the drawing. Like in the WTF and Triumph spots, her character was playing herself in a game of chess. I want to be creative without copying but thats hard sometimes. I'm thinking of having a full body shot in each of the five rows to show the full outfit she's wearing.

TH3DEN said...

Hey Red, been running around town getting things setup for the next book we're working on and then we were at a small local comic con in vancouver over the weekend. Previously we were going around to comic book stores in vancouver and distibuting our books around town. :D Lot of leg work involved in these things that i never would have thought of. Glad to have some time to work on some drawings and stuff. How are things on your end? Just saw some of your recent deviation by the way. Nice colabs. :D

Red White said...


Yo Den! Sounds like you've been one busy dude. Gotta keep working hard to do what you need to do. If it's the same artbook that was on your blog, then it looks very awesome indeed. Kinda makes me wish I could get ahold of it. You're just selling a small stock of it to some local shops then, eh? Well I look forward to seeing some stuff from you dude. Haven't seen your blog updated in awhile so it would be nice to have something new to comment on *winkwinknudgenudgewhyarn'tyoupostinganythingyet?!?*
Thanks dude! I was having fun with those collabs. Just some quick color work because the lines are so easy to work with. The Joan one was by far the most fun I've had coloring in a long while. I need to clear up some art stuff *points at WIPs* and then I should be open for even more collabs and traids and whatnot.