Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BlazBlue Teaser

Hey guys! Another update from me showing off a teaser image of a BlazBlue inspired fanart. I've gotten all the layout ready and now I'm putting down the final lines. There will be all 5 of the girls in this image thats for the SRK artbook thing going on. Just for fun, sure, but you know what? I want to do something amazing and show off my skill with my new Cintiq. Tell me what you guys think so far. More teasers will pop up as I go on with the drawing so this is the first.
Just in case you want the stats, right now this image is just about 4x5 or something at 200 DPI. The real drawing is 400 DPI at a full 8.5 x 11 and I'm using a size 4 brush for the lines. Because of the size, I might have to go back and thicken up some of the lines. But I'll figure that out when I get to it.
And yes, I get a boner for detail. Thats why I spent 2 or more hours on just this..... dude... I seriously need to get faster at drawing. At least it looks good, right? ..... :( Right? The poses and sketch drawing took only two days and a couple hours a piece... but thats because I drew is slight detail each character's clothes. Faces are easy, but getting all that detail right in their clothes isn't.


Sinistar1 said...

I see nothing but good things so far mate!

Red White said...

Thanks dude! Hopefully I can get this whole drawing done in the next few weeks. At the rate I'm going though, might not be the case.