Monday, February 14, 2011

City Scape

I've been doing a lot of design work on my own little personal world that Shadow and Shade inhabit. Let me walk you through a few things now that I've got you here.

This is probably the hardest to figure out what's going on. Essentially these are five picture thumbnails that I might be using for a full on drawing. The biggest one on the lower left side is mainly to get in the feeling I wanted of seeing a castle built into the bedrock and even hanging off the side of the cliff that their city faces.

This one is to give a general look at the stalactite homes that some of them live in. It's usually broken into two halves that work as apartments. Different ones have different sizes and they're anchored in by a root like system. The rock itself grows back so there is little decay and wear on the structure itself. The buildings usually have walkways on the lower part as well as a walk way attached to the roof of the cave. The ones on the roof usually just lead right to the exit while the pathways on the lower part are used to go from apartment to apartment. The bigger spaces are usually the versions where stalactites and stalagmites meet and are considered the more "posh" living spaces. Down on the ground they have more normal housing and business structures but most are built into the rockbed.

This is Shadow's room broken down from different perspectives. The top left is looking at the room after you walk in and turn right to look at the window. The door way is off to the right, the doors you see are ones that lead to her closet, the bed is to the left and it's located under some low hanging shelves.

Top right: We're looking at the doorway leading into the room.

Middle left: With the window at your back, this is the view of the room.

Small middle right: Break down of her room. There's a crawl space to the side and behind Shadow's closet.

Lower left: poster ideas of what Shadow may have decorated her room with.

Lower right: View of the room with the closet and door behind you.

Shade's room is next.
Top left: Looking at the doorway. There's a sunken table in the middle of the room and Shade sleeps in a bed that opens over a dresser built into the wall. There's a hammock as well for gusts or if Shade feels like sleeping differently. On the side of her bed is a small rack that she keeps her spear on. Might be dangerous having it hang out the way it is so I should turn the spear around to face the wall. The scribbling on the side is her clothes rack that takes up that side of the room.

Top right: just a closer look at the potential spear rack on her bed. just scribblings.

Middle left: With the bed and door behind you, this is the adjacent wall. There's another mattress hanging up in the rafters that Shade also uses sometimes. More posters, more mess and two bars on the ceiling. One in the corner and the other in the middle of the room. These bars are used for when she feels like working out or to hang stuff off of.

Middle right: with the door to your right, you're looking at the window. There's another poster on the ceiling.

Lower Left: with the window behind you, we can see Shade's clothes now.

Lower right: Shade's a pervert.

This is the bathroom. Decided to put more steampunk into this.

Top left: to the left we have the steamer, to the right we have the shower. The use the same water system. In the middle we have towels and a clothes hamper.

Top right: With the shower and steamer behind us, we have an ironing board and a door that leads to the cloths line.

Bottom: Clothes line... It goes up the side of the apartment.

Just another doodle of one of my characters.

Because I want to go more steampunk with my story, I decided that having an archer just doesn't fit in with the storyline anymore. So now the archer will become a gunner and this is his gun and watch.

The watch will work on a 28 hour timetable with a 7 day week and a 7 week month.