Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Continuing the previews.

So enough with the secritive stuff, I might as well show you the layout of what I'm working on. I've got the flats on 3 of the 5 girls, TaoKaka being the one with the least amount of layers.

Now do tell me what you think so far. Anything I can fix isn't too far out of the question. I'm thinking of fixing up Miss Lichie a little more, the girl on the far left of us. Somthing about her hair/head is bothersome. All the girls are on their own layer so I'll probably color them all, submit that and have a blog exclusive showing off each girl individually. Well, exclusive for awhile, like maybe a week or so before I post it on devart as scraps.


Sinistar1 said...

Looking good! There needs to be a lil' bit more spacing between them to avoid clutter/confusion perhaps. Keep em overlapping though, I really like it so far man!

Red White said...

It's still hard for me to do images like this with several characters all doing their thing. I was playing around with some spacing between characters like V-13, the girl down front with the blades, but it was hard not putting her too close to the edge because I really didn't want to cut of her blade. I might be able to shrink everyone down a little and expand that way but I'm a bit far along for that right now.
I promise to get better at this sort of thing and try to keep more spacing in mind. There's a very thin line between too much and too little and I'm straddling it as it is I think, haha.
Thanks for your constint input though. Thats exactly what I need.

TH3DEN said...

Looking sweet so far man!! The detailing is great, and i can see this really popping when you add the other tones and shading on top of the flats! :D I haven't forgotten the sketchbook program i have to send you but at 12 mb its just over the 10 mb limit for e-mails. Msn is still the best option i think :D. Anyways great job on this man, can't wait to see it finished. Oh and KOF XII is just round the corner :D *hint hint*.

Red White said...


For a while there, I though I might've made you mad or something, hahaha.
I need to upload what I've got now. Everyone has their flats on and now I just need to tone everything nice 'n proper.
There are places that you can store large files in and send a link vie e-mail for the other person to dowload it. I think the link only lasts for like, two days before they delete the files but it's a very effective way of sending large documents that don't fit onto e-mail size limits.

Khylov said...

Ah, gotta love montages with fantasy/sci-fi ladies. And a thing with claws. (My favorite out the bunch.)

My only suggestion would be for the left and right hand sides that are without color - the two on the far left might need a little more negative space for breathing room; the lady on the far right... Hmm... same with her as well - her arm's competing with the braid thing coming off the clawed character.

Since she's a fairly vertically straight pose, and the character w/ guns in the foreground already has that motif, maybe have her (the far bg character) in more of an action or moving pose, with a general line/angle that's more curved, as in: (

(I'm using one of TH3DEN's tricks here with fonts denoting line-of-action.)

Anyhow, with layers, it leaves a ton of possibilities open for montage organization. Just play around with moving things around til you get shapes that compliment one another. If that's a pain, then maybe thumbnail the characters as basic lines/shapes until you get a combo that looks good to you.

Red White said...


Oh I agree about the girl on the right needing more negitive space. In order to do that, I shrunk down Taokaka, (the girl with the claws) because everyone was supposed to be proportionate to everyone else. I took a second look at that and noticed Taokaka was way huge. I'll e-mail ya a link to the finished drawing.

Khylov said...

Ah, and you know, I just realized: I got my left and right mixed up in the description above.

Well, guess that's why I'd be no good with marching in step.

Anyhow, switch the two descriptions with one another and it's good to go.