Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Latest news so far

Well it would seem that The Street Fighter Blog has evolved into for any of you who would like to check it out. There's plenty of change undergoing right now and I'm still going strong on the comic side of the deal. The comic section should be updated tomorrow or later with regular weekly updates after that. I've already got several pages done and ready to be posted but for now they'll be sitting in a nice little stack, qued up for the weeks to come. Even so, I've got to stay diligent in making a new page a week. It'll be hard for me but at least allot of the load is taken off by some help. If I could only find someone who could letter and add in sound effects effectively, I'd only have to worry about doing the lines and that's it. Oh that would be lovely.

On the aspect of my side project, the Shadow Comic, I've laid down the groundwork for the next strip. I'm becoming more and more able with backgrounds and I've come up with a few well looking items to give it a little life. Shadow's room will have to be reformed later on with added personality but that's later anyway. This whole series is just going to be funny and fun and a means for me to flesh out most, if not all, the little details. I might have to do the same for my other characters since they don't really live in the same place as Shadow and Shade, so their settings and backgrounds will have such a different look to them. Bah, focus! Lets just take this one step at a time, shall we?

I'm practicing another means of coloring as well. This time using gray scaling and finding ways to multiply the color on top of a layer several times. If this works, I would have a color style closer to my goal color style. But alas, the work is far too much to manage so it would only be used sparingly at best.

Not too much else to say, and sorry for the lack of pictures to present. If my home computer were Internet abeled I'd have more to share more often. Make note that this is a goal of mine to get Internet in there asap. I might try getting a new WIFI thing and see if that helps...