Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cintiq practice

Hey guys! Nowdays, I'll be posting up any wip's of personal projects I have going on in here. Just to get some feedback and see what you guys think. And maybe anything else I feel like scrapping over here.

This is something I'm doing right now with Shadow and Shade. Ahhh, the drunken sisterly love is such a beautiful thing. However, Shadow doesn't drink so she's not really all that happy about it. What do you guys think of clothing options? Yes or no? hahaha

And here are just some elemental sketchs I was doing. Disregard the lightning because of lameness and instead focus on the Hadouken and flame.


TH3DEN said...

Hey man great stuff! Your works is fantastic and your rough sketches are kickass. So much energy. Great street fighter stuff!!:D

Red White said...

Thanks dude. I've got far more on my devart page though.

Khylov said...

Cool to see more folks hitting the Cintiqs for illustration purposes.

Looking through some of your works here, I think you'd really dig on Heinrich Kley's stuff - alot of line weight to his sketches along with alot of dynamics in the posing.

Red White said...


Thanks dude! I should post more stuff on here if it gets noticed. I'm not sure how though, Blogging is all new to me. I was just using the space as a place to post stuff I don't normally put anywhere else. I'll have to look up Heinrich Kley. Sounds like someone I'd digg.

Sinistar1 said...

Okay, my envy meter's at full right now!

Those effects are pretty slick man, makes me wanna Yoga Flame your face!...sorry, that was the jealousy talking there. Nice sketches!

Red White said...


hahaha :D What can I say? I've saved up my pennies for two years to have a chance to play with this toy.

I needed to experiment with some elements to see if I can make what I've got in my head come out well on paper. Even if the paper is digital. The Hadouken was a nice one and I was trying my best to make the fire look hot. Oh, I found a new secret for my brushes! I found a way to make smooth transitions from one color to the other. I'll be playing around with that more when I finish the Shadow and Shade drawing and see if I can get the same effect I had with OC. If I can, then my progress in art with take its next leap.