Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Works In Progress

I'm back with more stuff. Check it out!

This is a new W.I.P. that will be my next big thing along the lines of my other big project drawing which was Light the Night with Shade as the main focus.

Here are a few idea sketches that I was trying to work out as a pose for Shadow.

Here was a more complete drawing of Shadow but the perspective wasn't right. It was far too much from the side rather than sort of looking down overhead like I wanted it. I might redo this pose again later. Oh, yeah, she's hanging by her tail. You can also tell I was having fun drawing in a lot of the muscle structure too.

Hey, look at that. This is the design idea for Shade's and Shadow's house. There are folks who live above and below them in the same building. This was just a basic outline of what I'm thinking about concerning the size and placement of the rooms. I've said before to a few people but everything is meant to have a very vertical feel to it. In fact, I think that's going to be a constant theme in the whole of my story.

Well, thanks for joining me in a quick trip back through my mind again. Mayhap I'll do some more of these and keep sharing.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shade Shadow Jump

yeah so yeah. I'm working on this atm. Going to get it finished sometime soon. It's weird because on the screen I work on it, it looks fine, but the other screen for my web browser makes it look too bright. meh, can't win them all apparently. I just wish there was a happy middle ground somewhere, some how. Oh, and the inks are curtisy of Sinistar . I changed up a few small things because, yet again, I change my mind most of the time. Now her fish net shirt is it's own shirt and her vest is seperate. Used to be one in the same. I also did a few extra other lines. Can't remember which of them they are atm.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Character concepts

I'm messing around with character ideas for my shadow comic. These are some of the ones I put on paper for Shade's group who she hangs out with. The guy on the bottom left may or may not be part of it but I drew him down anyway. Also, the big guy in the middle is supposed to have a baby like face, sort of innocint 'n stuff, but right below him I showed what he'd look like when pissed off. I think his design will work well, hehe. Guy at the top left is a Berserker, guy at the top right is going to be an archer. If I come up with anything more I'll post it up here first. I need to get more characters done, any thoughts?