Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Lineart Preview of BlazBlue

Okay, here's the last preview of the lines. I may show a WIP of the colors once I get all the flats down. Then you can see the whole composition of my drawing. Not like I really have a reason to hide it or anything. But these are just fun preview images anyway. Just ment to tease and tantalize.

Note about this drawing, I've already fixed up the hair as well as the ribbon. Not that there's anything wrong with the ribben persay, just fixed it up is all. The problem with the hair was that the split down the middle wasn't down the middle according to her eyes.

I must say, Little Miss Alucard has been one of the funner characters to draw. Maybe because I'm not needing to redo the lines a ton of times like I've done with the others. Anyway, enjoy and comment as you wish.

Oh and I just figured out how to make all my images clickable. haha, oh you blogger you. You and your silly little ways.


Sinistar1 said...

Your adding more and more detail these days. Normally I'd complain about too many details but what you add always seems to conform elegantly.

Red White said...

Why thank you~ I love details and everything about them. I like looking at a drawing several times and finding new things to see. But then again, it can make for cluttered images so it can be distracting if you just want a quick peek and not get philisophical on it. I'm a fan of both simplicity and complexity. Each have their merrits that I enjoy.
Anyway, thanks dude! I'm glad my level of detail is interesting and pleasing without being over the top.