Monday, June 29, 2009

Blog updated

Just a heads up that I updated a few minor touches to my blog. Look! At the bottom! Fish! The little guys are hungery. Could you do me a favor and feed 'em for me please?

Shadow Comic post / insights

Hey guys! I've been meaning to post this up since yesterday but for some reason, the Internet connection in my room doesn't work. So I'm delegated to using my parents computer.

What we have here is a preview of the next strip of my Shadow comic.... which is technically done but I wanted to tease this anyway.

Remember boys 'n girls. When working on anything, do flat colors first and then finish the background second! After which, you go and hue the flats on the characters to match the tone of the background. Finishing the characters first with all their shadows and highlights does you no favors when their colors don't match the background at all. Altho I know this fact since before I started the next comic, I still failed to implement it, so my bad. I will be doing that in the future though. The reason I skipped that step and did the background last was because I'm lazy and never really done backgrounds with any proficiency at all. That will all change, hopefully, the more I do these comics. Oh heck, that was the tease, let me show you the whole thing since it's already done and I have it. Think of it as privy to those of you whom bother to watch this blog. Special you guys, huh? Huh!? Yeah, don't that feel special? I'll post the comic tomorrow on devart, provided I don't keep going back and change it some more.
Now lets compare notes, shall we? This is certainly a different style than what I had before. I, personally, am really digging it. But there are a few things I'd like to bring over from the older style of the comic as well, namely the deeper use of blacks and shades and darker eyes as well.

You see? I really liked the way this first comic came out but this one was done in Open Canvas. The second one was done in Photoshop, after I discovered the cool effects I can add to my brushes. It mimics almost what I can do in OC but good enough that I want to use it with more proficiency. And hopefully expand my color pallet as well. I'd like to try different ranges of colors in the shading of my drawings outside of the flat "darker tone of the same color".

Alright, I babbled on enough about that. Now about what the strip is about. Shade is Shadow's older sister and who is, quite honestly, a bitch. She actually deeply loves Shadow as her sister but can be very very cruel to her. It's a love/hate thing. Over the course of these comics she'll call her sister all sorts of nicknames, and "sissy" is the first of many.

Hope you enjoy guys and don't be shy about comments! If you like, share this blog with more folk. The more who watch it, the more I'll do in here. I'll be sharing lots of stuff and junk in here, more so if I get my connection back in my room.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cintiq practice

Hey guys! Nowdays, I'll be posting up any wip's of personal projects I have going on in here. Just to get some feedback and see what you guys think. And maybe anything else I feel like scrapping over here.

This is something I'm doing right now with Shadow and Shade. Ahhh, the drunken sisterly love is such a beautiful thing. However, Shadow doesn't drink so she's not really all that happy about it. What do you guys think of clothing options? Yes or no? hahaha

And here are just some elemental sketchs I was doing. Disregard the lightning because of lameness and instead focus on the Hadouken and flame.