Friday, November 5, 2010

I have been poked so I must respond prt 2

5 more drawings. I decided to split up the post so I can have something to bring people back again.

Digital Rum mentioned to me that having a female antagonist would be a good idea because it's an underused concept and I had to agree. Thinking on that idea, it caused me to remember an unused character from my past that I tried to recreate from memory. This... was my attempt. The sword may go and her look may change greatly now that she's in a new role, but I liked the look I made for her all those years ago.

A new girl I'm working on. She's grown a LOT since I first drew her. I like the clothes but I may make the dress longer. I didn't want her to be expressly beautiful, but still attractive. Her nose is a bit bigger and her eyebrows are a bit larger, but she's still cute. Very shy, very introverted, very quiet as she tries to disappear into the crowd.

I like this guy. Giving him a unique look to better stand out from the crowd, he's a shop clerk that Shadow helps out doing deliveries and whatnot. His story needs to be fleshed out more but I like having a big ol' boy sitting behind the counter, built like a sh*t brick house, taking up most of the room on his side but with a kind disposition.


Sinistar1 said...

I can't remember any cool female villains of late, could be very interesting challenge. I envy your detail when it comes to clothing man, makes mine look super simple lol.

Red White said...

I love details dude, so I gotta put 'em in there whenever I get the chance. I've been looking at a bunch of different cloths and outfits to put on my characters. The one for the one girl was inspired by a weirdo fashion show model but I changed it up enough to become my own.