Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still updating here

As surprising as that may be to those who still look at this place. BUT! I've got something exclusive for this area that I'm not going to show off in my personal comic till I'm good 'n ready to. That being, the face of Sightless, one of my personal characters.

These are some idea sketches on how he'll look in general. I spent a good deal of time into both his design as well as the design on his sword.

I may increase the size of his sword a bit though. From handle to tip, it should be about 5' or more. Granted, it's not going to be bigger than he is but in all practicality, if you think about it, you're still swinging around a big piece of metal that would weigh around 100 lbs easy. I'm all about being practical so the design can't go too over the top. Also, I'm happy about his boots. Look at 'is boots. Them's some fine lookin boots. Have I convinced you to stick around in this spot longer? I sure hope so. Also, this stuff happened.

I found all these neat things that I haven't scanned yet and then I scanned them.

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