Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Character concepts

I'm messing around with character ideas for my shadow comic. These are some of the ones I put on paper for Shade's group who she hangs out with. The guy on the bottom left may or may not be part of it but I drew him down anyway. Also, the big guy in the middle is supposed to have a baby like face, sort of innocint 'n stuff, but right below him I showed what he'd look like when pissed off. I think his design will work well, hehe. Guy at the top left is a Berserker, guy at the top right is going to be an archer. If I come up with anything more I'll post it up here first. I need to get more characters done, any thoughts?


Sinistar1 said...

The top right guy looks mighty interesting, wonder what's his story.

Red White said...

lol, I've no clue. Sometimes concept is born out of story, sometimes story is born out of concept. In this case, he's the latter because he was first created with no back story. Then again, he could be the former since he was created to fill the need of a group for Shade to hang out with. hummmmmmm. This has become more complicated that anticipated.