Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guile Stick Art

I'm finally doing it! I'm making my own custom art for my Arcade Stick. The top is the colors I'm going to be using in the end and the bottom is just to show off the idea for whats going to be happening down there. I was thinking of making it go from left to right but the buttons were covering up most of the art so I decided against it. I might add a ghost image on the right somewhere of Guile, just to fill in the space but we'll see what happens.


Sinistar1 said...

f*cking show off lol

TH3DEN said...

That is sick dude! and i just saw the deviant art variant, efff yeah! Bout the girl i was trying for a film grain like filter but it ended up being a thing of its own that kinda came out looking kinda cool. :D But yeah thanks for dropping by, be putting more things up soon. Been playing some ssf4 and i think Guy is my new main aside from akuma. He's game is weird but very interesting, definitely not an easy character to win with but very satisfying when it does go his way. :D