Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forever and a day

Man, it has been too long. I guess I haven't posted in here at all because I haven't had much to tease. Well that ends now because I'm working on something new.

I love the Alien's design and I've always wanted to draw them. After getting the game AVP, I've been more hyped about doing this so now I am and I just wanted to show you the wip. Hopefully I don't get side tracked and this gets put into perma-limbo.


Khylov said...

Cool render on the Alien design. Linework is real tight - some of it looks like the brushtool in Flash, which is fun to use when both sketching and cleaning up.

Funny enough, I actually saw some 1/6th scale models of both the Queen Alien, and Ripley in the forklift loader mech this past week. I should probably bust out with the movie and book by the weekend and get immersed.

Ah, and did some retakes once again on the Sakura pic. Should've thought twice about posting it before I was certain about all the odds and ends, but oh well.

Red White said...

Thanks dude. Actually it's all done in PS with a basic brush. I think the only tweek on it was the fact that I have it set on pressure senstivity to change its size. I only wish I had something as fun as flash though.

Nice dude. I was looking at a lot of scupltures and pictures and full sized movie props while drawing this. I've gotten more of it done since this post, I should upload the current state.

I'm with you there. I've had to reload a picture 4 times because I kept forgetting stuff on it, it was awful. But I felt I had to upload it soon because I've been dragging my feet on it way too long.